Why are attachments links instead of files?


First and foremost cyber security is extremely important. To enhance security for our customers and for Radio Holland we make use of secure cloud infrastructure. By doing this we can limit the possibility of viruses and malware being distributed from and to our customers. By using a cloud server to handle our files they are scanned multiple times and removed if unsafe. 

Data Usage

As most of our clients are maritime companies, dealing with vessels via satellite communication is at the forefront of improvements. By sending attachments as links we do not send any unnecessarily large files to any of or customers vessels. The master or other responsible officer can therefor choose if it is beneficial or relevant to download the attachment. A great example is confirmation of a Service Report being sent. More often than not the master may already have a copy of this report and can therefor choose not to download another copy, saving data and lowering communication costs.

Where to find the link in an email

All attachments are sent as links, which can be found under the signature in the mail. It is however imperative that your IT allow your office and vessels to access the domain This will allow you to download all secured and scanned files. 

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