Why do my emails look different?

The below images explain the header of emails going out. This is specifically done in this way to enable case management. This header will appear once on top of every mail you receive, but will not be in the customer portal, as it is managed in the portal. When you see this, you may select only “reply” in your email client, as the persons noted in this header will always receive a case update.

You may also add extra persons in CC when you respond, which will include them. Please do not reply to all or add persons to CC who are already in CC, as this will result in the person receiving 2 emails. As a rule, you may also request that certain persons are also automatically included in communication with your vessels (i.e. Superintendent). You may also click on the case number, which will divert you to the portal.


When you are the addressee (To):

When you are in CC:

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